Welcome to our channel from Oceanside, California! Featuring high-quality live camera streams and hundreds of recorded videos, we bring you Olive, our resident Allen’s hummingbird mother and her chicks, documenting their amazing lives from nest building to egg laying, hatching, feeding, growth, fledging, and beyond.

Olive is a year-round hummingbird, who has been living in our backyard for several years now. She is believed to be about 3-4 years old. Her nest was originally built in in 2012, and Olive has been using it since 2022. The nest is located on a small backyard Ficus tree sheltered by shades.

When not nesting, Olive spends her days pollinating a wide variety of local wildflowers. She also feeds from her own feeder outside our kitchen window, which she fiercely defends. During the winter and spring, she is busy building her nest, laying eggs, and raising her chicks. In the summer and fall, she rests and recuperates, and molts into her beautiful new plumage while living life perching, feeding, and chasing other hummingbirds in the yard.

Join our LIVE streams on YouTube to witness Olive and her chicks' incredible journey from nest building to fledging, and to learn about the fascinating lives of hummingbirds!

Key Highlights & Events

4th Clutch 2024

  • 🪹 May 9, 2024 - Olive starts building new nest
  • 🥚 May 13, 2024 - First egg laid 7:25 AM
  • 🥚 May 15, 2024 - Second egg laid 7:48 AM

3rd Clutch 2024

2nd Clutch 2024

1st Clutch 2024

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Technical Information
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🖥 We use a Dell PE R740 Server with OBS Studio to transmit Olive's live streams to YouTube. Additionally, we use CamStreamer to broadcast the Fountain and Feeder content to YouTube.

🎥 Olive's Nest Cam: AXIS P3245-LVE - 12mm. Mic: AXIS TP3901. Streaming with OBS Studio.

🎥 Fountain Cam: XIS P3265-LVE Dome Camera - 22mm. Mic: AXIS TP3901. Streaming with Camstreamer.

🎥 Feeder Cam: AXIS P1465-LE Bullet Camera - 29mm. Mic: AXIS TP3901. Streaming with Camstreamer.

ℹ️ Hummingbirds are federally protected by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act and by the Federal Lacey Act.

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