Allen's Hummingbird Nest - Spring 2014

The last picture of the babies, taken moments before they both flew from the nest - 04/17/2014 at 11:30AM

On March 1st we noticed a hummingbird nest in the potted ficus tree on our patio. There were two eggs the size of coffee beans. Twenty five days later (the 25th) at 9:30AM the first egg hatched. On the 26th at 10:30AM the second one hatched.

We have been amazed with this tiny bird. From the strong deep nest she built, to her patiently sitting and waiting. Now as we watch her feed her two little ones we fill with amazement and again wonder how she can do what she does with such a long beak. How she knows when and what to do. We marvel at nature, and are enjoying close-up--this tiny mama and her even smaller babies.

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Mom on the nest - 03/13/2014

Two eggs the size of beans - 03/13/2014

Two babies, two days old - 03/27/2014

Ten days old - 04/04/2014

Fifteen days old - 04/09/2014

Seventeen days old - 04/11/2014

Twenty one days old - 04/15/2014