Allen's Hummingbird Nest - Spring 2024 4rd Clutch

An Allen's Hummingbird nest from Oceanside California Spring 2024

This HD camera streams live 24/7 with sound, so make sure you turn up your volume. You can also watch the nest at night thanks to the wonders of infrared technology, approved by The Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

This season brings you Olive, our beautiful year-round resident female Allen’s hummingbird, and her second clutch of 2024. Her nest was originally built in in 2012, and Olive has been using it since 2022 – seven times in total! Olive feeds from her own feeder near the nest and also frequents the two other feeders on camera. An extremely experienced mother, Olive caringly raises her chicks and teaches them all the survival skills they need to become successful adults.

Key Highlights & Events

  • 🪹 May 8, 2024 - Olive starts "nestorations"
  • 🥚 May 13, 2024 - First egg laid 7:25 AM
  • 🥚 May 15, 2024 - Second egg laid 7:48 AM

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Olive on her nest of two chicks - April 19th
Olive's nest in a small ficus tree on our back padio
Allen's humingbird nest not much bigger the a quarter
Two eggs 9:00 AM - May 15th

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