Allen's Hummingbird Nest - Spring 2023 1st Clutch

An Allen's Hummingbird nest from Oceanside California Spring 2023, first clutch.

This camera streamed live in HD 24/7 with sound from January 21st till February 26th. You could also watch at night, thanks to the wonders of infrared technology "with no red lights" approved by The Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

This session introduces you to Olive, a beautiful Allen female. She has re-used this nest 4 times. Olive uses a window feeder close by and other hummingbirds frequent 2 other feeders on the property. She is an extremely experienced mother and will teach her chicks all they need to know, including survival skills.

Key highlights & events:
01/16/2023 - First Egg noticed
01/17/2023 - Second Egg noticed

01/31/2023 - First hatch in the evening
02/01/2023 - Second hatch in the evening
02/02/2023 - Chicks named Misty and Storm

02/26/2023 - Misty Fledged the nest Sunday at 8:29AM, she was 26 days old.
02/26/2023 - Storm fledged the nest Sunday at 9:23AM he was 25 days old.

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Beautiful Olive on her nest of two February 2023
Olive's nest in a small ficus tree on our back padio
Allen's humingbird nest not much bigger the a quarter
Two new eggs the morning of January 20th
Dawn hatchling check 6:31AM February 1st
First glimpse of new hatchling 6:35AM February 1st
Olive's new hatchling in the morning light February 1st
First glimpse hatchling 2 at 6:25AM February 2nd
Morning feeding 2 new chicks Febtuary 2nd
First day together - new chicks sleeping February 2nd
Olive looking at something - evening of February 2nd
Two hungry chicks the morning of February 3rd
Proud mom evening of the second day - February 3rd
Misty 4 days old. Storm 3 days old - February 4th.
Olive feeding Misty and Storm - February 4th
Chicks Misty and Storm at night February 4th
Misty and Storm 5 and 4 days old February 5th
Dinner time 6 and 5 days old February 6th
Misty and Storm 6 and 5 days old February 6th
Dinner for Misty and Storm 7 and 6 days old February 7th
Misty and Storm 8 and 7 days old February 8th
Misty and Storm eating dinner 8 and 7 days old February 8th
Early morning feeding. Misty 9 and 8 days old - February 9th
Misty's eyes are stating starting to open 9 days old - February 9th
Running out of, two beaks sticking out - February 9th
Running out of room, two beaks sticking out each side - February 9th
Breakfast, Misty 10 days old and Storm 9 days old - February 10th
Storm (left) 9 days old, Misty (right) 10 days old - February 10th
Feeding, Misty 11 days old and Storm 10 days old - February 11th
Bedtime, Misty 11 days old and Storm 10 days old - February 11th
Feeding Misty 12 days old and Storm 11 days old - February 12th
Olives last night on the nest, no more room - February 12-13th
Olive warms her chicks in the morning - February 13th
Misty 13 days old stretching her wing - February 13th
Chicks first night alone on the nest, 35F - February 13-14th
Olive feeding Misty 14 day old and Storm 13 days old - February 14th
Misty 14 days old starting to exercise her wings - February 14th
Olive laying on her chicks Misty and Storm - February 15th
Misty 15 days old stretching her wings - February 15th
Look all those pin feathers , chicks 16 and 15 days old - February 16th
Olive starting to feed her chicks from the side - February 17th
A lot of pin feathers, chicks 17 and 16 days old - February 17th
Olive feeding Misty and Storm 18 and 17 days old - February 18th
Feathers starting to come in, chicks 18 and 17 days old - February 18th
Feathers coming in, Misty 19 and Storm 18 days old - February 19th
Storm 18 days old stretching his wing at night - February 19th
Misty (left) 20 days old, Storm (right) 19 days old - February 20th
Look at all those feathers, chicks 20 and 19 days old - February 20th
Beautiful family moment, chicks 21 and 20 days old - February 21st
Storm (top) Misty (bottom) 20 and 21 days old - February 21st
Stretching at night, they look like one bird - February 21st
Smoothie time, Misty 22 and Storm 21 days old - February 22nd
Olive hanging out with her chicks, 22 and 21 days old - February 22nd
Lots of feathers, Storm stretching his wings - February 23
Misty (left), Storm (right), 23 and 22 days old - February 23rd
Mom Olive, chicks, Storm and Misty together - February 24th
Chicks, Storm and Misty on the morning of February 24th
Family moment, Olive, Misty and Storm - February 25th
Storm (left) 24 days old, Misty (right) 25 days old - February 25th
Misty and Storms last night on the nest - February 25th
Misty and Storms last moment together - February 26th
Strom 25 days old right before he fledges-February 26th
Goodbye Misty and Storm, good luck - February 26th

We are thinking of you Misty and Storm. We hope you have a wonderful life!

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