Allen's Hummingbird Nest - Spring 2020

Allen's Hummingbird Nest Cam - Live Camera is off at the nest, as they wont lay eggs again till next spring.

An Allen’s hummingbird nest camera from Oceanside CA. Streams Live 24/7, you can even watch them at night thanks to the wonders of inferred technology. It may look light but it’s completely dark.

Her name is Olive. On February 21st we noticed her nest in the Ficus tree on our patio. The same tree the hummingbirds have nested in past years.

Then on April 24th we notice she was back as there was one egg in the nest. And on April 25th she laid second-it takes about 14 days for an egg to hatch.  21 days later the baby hummingbirds leave the nest.

May 7th, early 6:00AM the first baby hatched (Sage). On the 8th, 5:00AM the second hatched (Clover). At 11 days old their eyes started to open. At 13 days old their eyes were all the way open and they started stretching their wings and learning how to flap them and Olive had no more room to sleep on the nest.

May 27th, 6:30AM Sage and Clover were completely infested with mites--they would have dies for sure. At 7:30 they were relocated to a Hummingbird Rescue Center where we hope they will have a full recovery. Early morning the 29th Clover lost her fight and passed away. Sage was able to make a full recovery. We really enjoy having the hummingbirds nest and watching it but sometimes nature can be so crewel.

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Olive on her nest

The first baby (Sage) - May 7th

Mom feeding Sage and Clove r- 1 day old

Mom sleeping on her nest

Mom feeding Sage and Clover
1 week old

Stretching the wings
15 days old

Olive dealing with bad mite infestation
19 days old 6:30AM

Their eyes are starting to open
10 days old

Some time with mom after breakfast
17 days old

Infested with mites, Clover is not doing well.
19 days old 6:45AM

May 20th Mom's last night on the nest
No more room for her

Their feathers are starting to get some color
17 days old

Sage and Clover on there way to the
Hummingbird Rescue Center 7:00AM

Last snack before settling down for the night
13 days old

Last night on the nest
18 days old

Sage and his new friend
21 Days old