Allen's Hummingbird Nest - Spring 2019

Live cam of an Allen's hummingbird in Oceanside, CA.

In February we noticed "April" (last year’s baby) was getting really big. We were keeping an eye on her old nest but we never saw any activity, so we thought she had made a new nest somewhere else. But to our surprise on March 10th we noticed two eggs in her childhood nest. She laid one egg on Saturday the 9th and the other on Sunday the 10th. Fifteen days later on Monday the 25th the first egg hatched at 11:24 AM. We named her Hazel. The next day the 26th at 11:42 AM the second egg hatched. We named him Sage.

On April 10 at 6:00PM a crow found the nest. All was gone in a split second. I can’t stop thinking about how open and accessible the nest was to the west, I should have noticed that! Poor April spent the rest of the night looking for the babies and calling out. I just wanted to thank everyone for all the wonderful comments and great pictures. I am so sorry this ended this way.

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Mom (April)
March 3rd 2019

Two New Eggs
March 10th

April on her nest at night
March 20th 8:30 PM

The first baby - Hazel
hatched March 25th at 11:24 AM

Feeding her babies
April 8th 4:01 PM

The Second baby - Sage
hatched March 26th at 11:42 AM

Feeding her babies
April 9th 9:00 AM

April Proud Mom
March 26th 3:30 PM

The Last picture of the Babies
April 10th 5:30 PM

Feeding her babies
April 1st 2:01 PM

The Crow Came
April 10th 6:00 PM