Allen's Hummingbird Nest - Spring 2021 Clutch 1

Olive on her nest

An Allen's Hummingbird nest from Oceanside California Spring 2021

An Allen’s hummingbird nest from Oceanside California. The camera streamed live 24/7 with sound and you could even watch them at night thanks to the wonders of inferred technology approved by The Cornell Lab of Ornithology. The nest may look light at night but it’s completely dark there and it wont harm them at all.

Her name is Olive. On January14th she laid the first of two eggs and on the 15th the second. This is the same tree she and other hummingbirds have nested in past years. Olive has used this nest three years now.

Two weeks later on the 26th at 12:30pm the first egg hatched. Then on the 27th at 6:00am the second hatched. Nine days later on February 4th their eyes started to open. On February 22nd the older baby started leaving the nest and flying branch to branch in their Ficus tree.

On February 23rd at 9:29 the older baby flew from the nest area to a Liquid Amber Tree 15 feet to the right. Olive followed him and both sat in that tree for about 15 minutes, then both flew left, to the big Stone Pine tree.

Two hours later at 11:33 the second baby flew from the nest. She went down to a weed in the yard for a few minutes and back up on the nest. Olive was with her the entire time. She eventually flew over to the pine tree. Olive continued cetching bugs and watching over everything from a high tree branch and then she started cleaning up the nest.


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Mom "Olive" on her nest
Olive's nest in a small ficus tree on our back padio
Allen's humingbird nest not much bigger the a quarter
Sleeping at night - January 15th
Two new eggs - January 15th
Babies two weeks old
Babies three weeks old
First time out of the nest
First baby shortly after hatching
Breakfast - sixteen days old
Twenty two days old
27 days old - Last night on the nest
New babies waiting for breakfast
No more room on the nest
Twenty Three days old
Last time together on the nest
Eyes are just starting to open
Seventeen days old
Twenty four days old
28 days old - left the nest